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  • Montpellier, English+Internship

Montpellier, French language + Internship

Age: 18 +
Internship duration: according to your preferences
French language course duration:  minimum 3 weeks
Price: 1310 EURO (language course + Internship)
Institut Européen de Français

We offer  a unique opportunity to study French and do Internship in the following fields: Tourism, Hotel Management, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources,  Accounting


  • Level of French: B1
  • Knowledge of the chosen field
  • The price includes:  3 week French language price + Internship in the chosen field

L’Institut Européen de Français is at the heart of the shopping streets in two old mansions classified as a French Building heritage . The busy heart of the city is at your fingertips : restaurants, coffee shops of all kinds , exhibitions … All this just a few steps away : Montpellier has the largest pedestrian area of France ! A unique environment for learning French in the south of France.









+995 32 2 14 68 42

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