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  • Prague, Master's Degree

Prague, Master's degree


Master's degree Programmes in Information Technologies

Duration: 2 years
Price: 64 000 CZK per semester (approx. 2400 EUR)


To become a respected ICT professional requires to study theoretical background and to learn many skills. You need background in mathematics, programming skill, problem solving approach, analytical, Our study programmes cover all that. The curriculum consists of theoretical courses (such as combinatorics, automata theory, or graph theory), of computer architecture courses (such as CPU architectures, databases, operating systems, computer security), and programming and software courses. Software is what makes computers flexible and versatile.  The art of programming is the skill of the future.  Programming languages and frameworks abound,  large programs are complex artefacts made by teams, millions of new codelines are created every single day.

In general, the main goal of study programme is to equip graduates with a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to provide the capability  to solve real-world problems using engineering methods and modern ICT systems. Graduates simply  know how computers work and why they work that way and how to utilize them efficiently to improve the quality of our lives.

Specialisations taught in English:

  • Computer Security
  • Computer Systems and Networks
  • Design of Digital Systems 
  • Knowledge Engineering
  • System Programming, focused on Theoretical Computer Science
  • System Programming, focused on System Programming 
  • Web and Software Engineering, focused on Information Systems and Management 
  • Web and Software Engineering, focused on Software Engineering 
  • Web and Software Engineering, focused on Web Engineering

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