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Our partner ABA English American and British Academy American & British Academy is specialized in teaching English online with its own methodology inspired in the natural method, simulating the intuitive manner in which mother tongues are learned and applying it to learning English online.

+ 10,000,000 satisfied students

+ 200 countries

+ 100 native teachers

+ 30 years perfecting our method


ABA English's course is based on the natural method so you learn intuitively like a child: you begin by understanding and speaking, and then you learn the grammar and how to write. Here at ABA English, our learning system arouses the student's natural predisposition in a real life environment. The ABA Films, short films with real-life scenarios produced exclusively by ABA, are each unit's starting point. While watching the 144 ABA Films, students focus their attention on the content rather than on the grammar thus arousing their instinct to learn English intuitively.

In this way, by watching films, a pleasant activity, students start talking confidently and seemingly effortlessly. They develop their conversation skills with Listen-Record-Compare (LRC®), ABA English's exclusive voice recognition technology. With LRC, students practice pronouncing English correctly from day one and get used to British and American accents.

Educational experts designed the course with a special focus on speaking and listening as these are the two skills that people wanting to learn English find the hardest. 

Speaking: students work on their speaking in all the course exercises thanks to the LRC® technology - registered by ABA English. In two clicks, the student listens to a sentence in English, pronounces it while recording their voice, and compares it to the native speaker. The student can repeat the process as many times as they want to achieve perfect English pronunciation. Students particularly practice their speaking skills in the "Interpret" and "Speak" sections. 

Writing: students work on their writing skills in the "Write" and "Exercises" sections. In the "Write" section, the student hears some phrases in English and has to write them down. In this way students work on their spelling and grammar as well as their listening comprehension. In the "Exercises" section, students have to fill in incomplete sentences. This exercise combines writing and reading comprehension. 

Listening: Students work on their listening skills in each of the course exercises. The entire course is interactive and students constantly hear English. Students get used to hearing many different accents thanks to over 300 actors' voices in the course. 

Reading Comprehension: Students work on their reading comprehension in the "Speak" and "Write" sections. In the first, they must read, understand and pronounce all of the dialogue in the unit. In the "Write" section they are required to read incomplete sentences, understand and complete them.  


Course Structure:

ABA English's course offers 6 levels: Beginners, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced and Business. It is useful for those learning English from scratch but also for those wishing to gain more knowledge or prepare for the First Certificate or TOEFL exams.

Each level consists of 24 units (or lessons), and we recommend spending 3 or 4 hours on a unit (to absorb things well), i.e. about 90 or 100 hours per level. The complete course, with its six levels, consists of 144 units (or lessons). Students will spend 75% of their learning time recording their voice and comparing it to the native speakers' recordings. 

Each unit consists of 8 sections, whose aim is to develop a different language skill: listening, speaking, reading, writing... The sections are: ABA Film, Speak, Write, Interpret, Video Class, Exercises, Vocabulary and Assessment. 

  1. ABA Film
    One of the best methods for learning English is watching real-life scenarios. ABA English bases its English learning process on cinema-quality short films produced exclusively by ABA with actors in New York and Barcelona. The scenario in the film is the starting point for the unit and contains the communicative functions and grammatical structures that the students will learn in the other sections where they will study the dialogue between the characters in detail and will be able to use all these expressions and include them in their spoken and written English. This is a quick and fun way to learn English naturally.
  2. "Speak"
    In this section you will record and study all the sentences from the introductory ABA Film and see them in other contexts. With each sentence you will do the Listen-Record-Compare (LRC®) exercise, which consists of recording a sentence and comparing your English to a native actor's until you achieve perfect English pronunciation and intonation. This section is very important because it allows you to understand, absorb and practice grammatical structures and new concepts introduced in the initial ABA film's scenario.
  3. "Write"
    In this section you will learn how to write the sentences from the introductory ABA Film's dialogue and will assess your English comprehension with a dictation. From day one you will get used to writing fluently without spelling mistakes. You will improve your spelling thanks to our auto-correct technology: when writing, if you make a mistake in a sentence, the cursor is placed just before the first wrong character. All of the mistakes made and the use of the help button to find out the correct answers are stored and made visible in the course progress tool for self-monitoring and assessment.
  4. "Interpret"
    In this section you will imitate the actors from the introductory ABA Film by "acting" in English. You will take on the role of one of the characters by recording their part of the conversation and then listen as if you were experiencing a real-life scenario. You can do this exercise by taking on the roles of each of the course's 300 characters.
  5. Video Class
    In this section you will learn English grammar explained by the best American & British Academy teachers. There are 144 video classes, one for each unit; in each video class a teacher will explain an English grammatical structure or communicative function. Moreover, they are subtitled to make learning easier. In the same section, you will have a written grammar explanation. You just have to click "Next" after watching the video. You can also read the grammatical explanation at the end of the video class, on the following pages of this section
  6. Exercises
    After learning English grammar, you will consolidate the theory with written exercises: they are very important to learn how to write English without making spelling mistakes, to practice the grammatical structures from each unit and also absorb new vocabulary with very little effort. You will do written exercises in English related to the unit with new examples that will help you expand your vocabulary. Seeing as you write in English from day one, you lose your fear of making mistakes and consolidate what you learn in the different course sections.
  7. Vocabulary
    In this section you will find all the new words from the unit. You will do the Listen-Record-Compare (LRC®) exercise with each word to learn how to pronounce them correctly. Throughout the course you will incorporate words into your vocabulary effortlessly. In addition, you will have the English dictionary course with audio recordings you can view and listen to at any time.
  8. Assessment
    In the last section of the unit you will do the final test: you will need at least 8/10 to pass. This is a test of ten multiple-choice questions on the grammar topic studied in the unit. You will only be able to assess your progress if you have completed 100% of the previous sections in the unit. To obtain official certificates from American and British English Academy, you will have to pass the 24 tests in each level.



The course offers six levels: Beginners, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced and Business. Each level contains 24 units.

Additional Services for Students:

  1. Online Platform
    Unlimited access to all learning levels. The student's progress will depend on how often he or she signs in to the course and the time they devote to each unit. The course will be available 24/7 throughout the duration of the student's subscription (maximum time to complete the course).
  2. English Level Test
    An English test to indicate which English level the student should choose that best suits his or her needs. The test assesses students’ grammar and listening and written comprehension. The number of test questions is variable depending on the level and automatically adjusts to the student's responses. Students need loudspeakers to do the level test. The head of training will receive the results of each placement test as the tests are completed.
  3. Video Classes
    Students will be able to access all the grammar video classes given by the best American & British Academy teachers. Students will be able to follow the English course anywhere and anytime, even when offline, so they can make the most of their free time and their travel time, thanks to the free ABA English app available for Android and Apple, which contains 144 video classes. 
  4. Course Manual
    The manual explains the course and the course tools to the students. The manual is sent to the students via email and answers all the queries a student might have regarding the course.
  5. Interactive Grammar
    It is a useful guide to help students understand English grammar in a fun way throughout the learning process. Students not only have a grammar explanation, but also the opportunity to improve their pronunciation with our Listen-Record-Compare (LRC®) technology. The grammar is classified into seven grammar topics: adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, verbs and phrasal verbs.
  6. Technical Support
    Solutions to possible problems, malfunctions and any other form of technical assistance for students.
  7. Certificates
    Each time a student passes one of the six levels, he or she will get an American & British Academy diploma certifying the knowledge gained, the level passed and the language skills obtained according to the Common European Reference Framework for Languages (CEFR) as well as the hours required to pass the level. The ABA English certificate is available on Linkedin. It may now be added to the leading social network for professionals’ user profile. Thus, ABA English allows students actively seeking work to improve their LinkedIn profile by adding a certificate of English and thus allowing the language level obtained to be visible. According to the network, users displaying certificates on their profile receive six times more views than those who do not.  
  8. Your Progress
    Students can see how they're progressing at any time so that they can see their own progress and results. They can see their progress in each of the unit's exercises as a graph, the number of mistakes made (including the ones they corrected) and the number of times they consulted the correct answer in an exercise.
  9. A Teacher for Students' Questions
    All of the ABA English teachers, native English speakers, will be available for any questions regarding students studies' and students will be able to contact them via the ABA English campus throughout the duration of their course.
  10. Personalized Follow-up
    A tutoring service by the assigned teacher, who follows and assesses students' progress according to their studies. Not only do students contact their teacher with doubts but their teacher also monitors their progress.  Depending on the use of the course by students, they will receive a specific email where the teacher:

- encourages the student
- congratulates him or her on completing a section
- tells him or her how to do the next section
- mentions the mark he or she got in the assessment
- sends "Friday messages" that are additional English classes which we send every Friday. These reinforce and expand students' knowledge.
- helps during the second week of study, when they notice that the student has not completed the first "Speak" section and the problem may be technical or a matter of time.
- sends notifications every "x" days since the student last studied There is no schedule of predetermined days; it depends on the level and other variables. This service can be personalized for each client and can limit the frequency of these types of email.


As a partner of ABA English, One World is eligible to:

  • Add students to the platform, group them into categories
  • Send a level test and find out in real time students’ level of English
  • Request, activate and assign licenses to students who require them
  • Monitor the progress and work done by students
  • Fix dates and realistic goals and good communication



Online Course:
3 month license: 200 GEL, includes all levels and units

Blended Course: Online course + conversation classes with a native speaker once a week:
3 month license + conversation classes: 350 GEL, includes all levels and units and 12 classes with a native speaker

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