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Cambridge International College Distance Learning Diploma Programmes




An official affiliate of Cambridge International College and an authorized exam centre in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, Centre of Education and Professional Training One World offers:

Distance learning International Diploma Programmes in every field of business administration!

Tailored for you business development, career progress, mastery of management, honours group programmes are designed by professionals to develop the high level skills in both - men and women seeking successful careers in business, commerce, finance, management, marketing, human resource and administration and many other spheres.

Members will get an internationally accredited diploma, awarded by the leading professional British Distance-Learning College for highly affordable price

Cambridge International College Offers YOU the OPPORTUNITY to:

  • Secure top jobs, promotion and career success.
  • Achieve valuable qualifications: International Diplomas and Higher Awards.
  • Gain valuable knowledge, understanding, skills, competencies and ability.


Ideal for ambitious self-confident young men and women who wish to be trained  to rapidly secure top jobsgain promotion, achieve career success, earn higher pay, improve  standard of living and respect.

It is for you if you decide to:

  • Choose a studying schedule without any restrictions, learn from home
  • Become competitive in the local and international market
  • Obtain an international diploma
  • Increase your skills, knowledge, ability and self confidence.
  • Become highly qualified
  • Move from the middle to higher and from the higher to the highest managerial level
  • Gain and adopt the European approach, ways of management, analysis and decision-making
  • Study the desired field on the basis of exploring classical business patterns

Successful students will be awarded Cambridge International College Diplomas showing they possess competence in professional work activities.

Cambridge International College has Members and Graduates (past and current students) in over 200 countries worldwide and has been providing professional, recognised and respected study and training for over 80 years.

CIC’s Quality Systems, Courses, Study Materials and Educational Provision are quality audited by educational authorities and leading experts. CIC follows standards of good practice, has achieved the prestigious BILD Quality Mark for professional provision of education and learning services, and meets British and International quality standards. CIC is a registered UK Learning Provider.

Cambridge International College Diplomas are endorsed by EDI, equated on the British National Framework at the same study level as HND and National Vocational Qualification (NVQ). 



International Career Progress Programmes

Level 4
Managerial & supervisory level Competence & knowledge in professional work activity

** Accounting & Finance in Business & Management 
** Advanced Management & Administration Theory & Practice
** Advertising & Public Relations 
** Business Bookkeeping & Accounts
** Business Economics & Commerce 
** Business English & Letter Writing
** Business Management/Administration 
** Communication in Business & Management
** Business Entrepreneurship and Organisation 
Banking and Bank Operations 
** Hotel Operations & Management
** Human Resource & Personnel Management
** Insurance - Principles & Practice
** Office Management and Administration
** Purchasing & Resourcing Management
** Sales Management & Marketing 
** Stores Management & Stock (Inventory) Control
** Tourism & Travel Management
Training & Development
International Relations
Cost Accounting

** Financial Management
** International Business and Trade
** Leadership and Team Management 
** Organizational Behaviour
** Project Management
** Logistics, Materials and Supply Chain Management  &Transport - 10% discount
** Event Management: Operations & Logistics 
** Event Management: Strategy&Planing 
** Health & Safety in the Workplace 
** Mass Media and Communication 
** Public Administration
** Commercial Practice & Law 
** Supply Chain Strategy and Organisation 
** Credit Management 
** Education &Teaching: Classroom Management 
** Asset Management


Price per programme - 1500 GEL
Inculdes: registration, postal service, studying manuals, exams, diplomas

International Mastery of Management Diploma Programmes 

Level 7
Managerial & supervisory level Competence & knowledge in professional work activity

** Business Finance and Investment
** Management of Human Resources
** Corporate Strategy and Planning
** Organizational Design and Behaviour
** Management and Leadership
** International Marketing
** Marketing Strategy
** Managerial Economics
** Organizational Understanding and Development
** Money, Banking & Financial Systems
** Financial Strategy & Decisions
** Business Law
** Event Management for Tourism, Business & Sport
** Operations Management
Operations and Quality Management
Real Estate (Property) Management 
International Relations and Politics 

Price per programme - 1800 GEL
Includes: registration, postal service, studying manuals, exams, diplomas

Duration of the programmes listed above is maximum 1 year.


International Honours Group Diploma Programmes

Level 5

To gain the Award of CIC’s International Honours Group Diploma on the subjects listed below, a CIC Member must successfully complete FOUR CIC ‘Qualifying Programs’ within each category from the programmes mentioned before.

** Management and Administration
** Business Administration
** Business Development
** Sales and Marketing Administration
** Human Resource Administration
** Business Accounting and Finance
** Hospitality Management
** Materials Management
** Administrative Management
** Executive Assistance

Prices upon request

Diploma Awarding International Programmes

Baccalaureate (2-year Business Administration)

Level 5+ 


Level 6

3 Year Advanced Mastery of Business Administration (AMBA)

Level 7

Management & Administration (BA2)

Materials & Logistics Administration (BA2)

Marketing Administration (BA2)

English & Administration (BA2)

Financial Administration (BA2)

Business Administration (BA2)

Commerce & Administration (BA2)

Project Administration (BA2)

Human Resource Administration (BA2)

Hospitality Administration (BA2)

Business Administration (BBA)

Human Resource Administration (BHA)

Commerce & Administration (BCom)

Materials & Logistics Administration (BLA)

English & Administration (BA Eng)

Management & Administration (BAA) Financial Administration (BFA)

Marketing Administration (BMA)

Hospitality Administration (BSA)

Project Administration (BPA)


Hospitality Management (AMBA)

Logistics Management (AMBA)

Project Management (AMBA)

Marketing Management (AMBA)

Financial Management (AMBA)

Human Resource Management (AMBA)

Organisational Management (AMBA)

Business Management (AMBA)




Note: CIC is not a degree awarding body
Prices upon request


Affiliation and the learning process


In order to become a CIC affiliate, an applicant is required to:

  • Have at least B2 level of English
  • Choose a programme
  • Fill the application form
  • Sign an agreement with the One World center
  • Cover the tuition fee


  One World is responsible to:

  • Assist an applicant to choose a programme
  • Register an applicant as a CIC affiliate
  • Transfer money, receive an affiliation document, text-books, exams
  • Supervise the studying process
  • Organize and invigilate the exam
  • Send the exam papers back to the college for evaluation
  • Receive diplomas
  • Provide applicants with diplomas


After transferring tuition fee to CIC, One World receives study manuals and affiliation documents. The Centre supervises the studying process – applicants write assessment tests once a week (or send them by e-mail); they are given consultations and instructions. After applicants complete programmes, the Centre receives sealed exams and invigilates the final exam according to CIC requirements. The papers are evaluated in CIC by the competent examination board. Successful students are awarded international diplomas.

What is the role of One World Center? – As One World represents Cambridge International College and is an authorized exam center, it is impossible to go through these programmes without its service.


International Accreditation

Cambridge International College is an accredited, approved, recognised international British College, providing professional, accredited and vocationally oriented Study Training for career development and career success.

The College takes very seriously its accredited status, credibility and approval, and is proud of its high reputation and standards.

Cambridge International College is recognized by the following accreditation bodies:

  • ODLQC -  Open Distance Learning Quality Council
  • BILD -  The British Institute For Learning and Development
  • ASET -  Accreditation and Awards for Education and Training
  • EDI -  Education Development International
  • British Council
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